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Do you have an online business? Then you must be aware of Web Hosting.

If you have an online business, you need the most efficient and trustworthy web hosting services. There are numerous web hosting services providers online, but not all can provide services that are of genuine quality. In this context, it is relevant to say that FastComet web hosting services guarantee its clients quality services at cost-effective rates. This write-up features why FastComet is the perfect choice for internet surfers so far as website hosting is concerned. FastComet was established in 2013 in San Francisco, and it is understood that the web hosting service provider has offices across the world. The web service provider has more than 50,000 customers (active) globally, and it is known to have almost 20000 cloud nodes and roughly 70 employee teams. The different customers who avail FastComet web hosting services are very compatible with 11 server locations in significant cities worldwide, including London, Chicago, Singapore, Amsterdam, Mumbai, and Tokyo. If you want to invest in the best web hosting services, then FastComet is the destination. This write-up helps you comprehend why we recommend FastComet for all your web hosting requirements.

Here are some features of fast Comet shared hosting that make the Web Hosting service provider superior to its competitors:-

  Easy WordPress (one-click) installation – The customers of FastComet can conveniently install WordPress using a single click.Free domain name – Fast Comet provides complimentary domain name services to its customers. As a customer, you are not required to pay separate fees for availing FastComet web hosting services as the web service provider is known to provide the services (web hosting) during the tenure of your web hosting plan.   Solid-state drives/SSD drives – The solid-state drives or the SSD drives are known to provide faster service than any HDD drives with FastComet web hosting services. Besides, the SSD drives can enhance the performance of any WordPress site by more than 300%. Cloudflare CDN – This is yet another feature of FastComet web-hosting services. It helps the customer cache their website and server from one location to another, wherever they have it. Control Panel – The cPanel provided as part of FastComet web hosting services is a Unix-based web hosting control panel that furnishes a graphical interface and automatic tools designed to ease the process of hosting a website. Thus, the cPanel provides a very user-friendly interface to the users. Backups on a daily/weekly basis- The backups on a daily/weekly basis are also provided to the customers as part of FastComet’s WordPress hosting plan. WordPress expert support – FastComet also provides expert support to its customers. The WordPress experts can guide how to install and configure WordPress websites available as part of FastComet web-hosting plans. Malware removals and virus scans – This feature is also part of FastComet’s WordPress hosting plans. Renewals are of fixed prices – If you want to renew your web-hosting service from FastComet, then understand that the renewal price is fixed concerning WordPress hosting service. Besides the services mentioned above, the FastComet web hosting services are known to offer other services. These services include domain services, website builder services, and free SSL certificates. All these factors together help make the FastComet web-hosting services the best web hosting services. FastComet claims that its web-hosting services are better when compared to GoDaddy, Bluehost, and Hostgator. Following are some reasons why they (FastComet) make such claims.  

General Info & Overview of Web-Hosting Services by Fast Comet

So, after proper testing and research, finally here with honest opinions about FastComet’s web hosting service. Table 1
SPEED 542 ms
UPTIME 99.95%
SUPPORT 24/7 Live Chat, Phone, Email, Ticketing, and Knowledge Base
FEATURES 15 GB Storage, Single Hosting Website, Free Transfer of a domain, Proper Usage of Bandwidth, Money-Back Guarantee (45-days), Backups daily, cPanel, Restore Management (1-Click), Free SSL, Email Accounts (Unlimited), and more.
HOSTING PLANS Shared, Dedicated, Cloud VPS, WordPress, Magento, WooCommerce, OpenCart Hosting
PRICING Starting at $2.95/mo (renews at $9.95/mo)

Advantages of Using Fast Comet Web Hosting Services

  1. Average speed
This web-hosting service is known to have a vital uptime, which is about 99.95%. Besides, the speed of web-hosting is 542 milliseconds. This is an essential factor in choosing FastComet web hosting services over other hosts. Therefore, with FastComet’s web-hosting services, one can avoid the slow loading of websites and Google’s negative ranking factors for search engine optimization. FastComet’s web-hosting services help increase website traffic; help hosted websites load promptly.
  1. Fast technical support
FastComet claims to resolve 83% of the problems within 15 minutes. If you have any queries concerning FastComet web-hosting services, you can contact the business customer service on a round-the-clock basis through live chat, email, or phone. The officials at FastComet also facilitate live discussions with the customers. In short, it can be said that the support from the FastComet customer service team is prompt and effective.
  1. Cloudflare CDN
FastComet also presents the free Cloudflare content delivery network (CDN) in its basic web-hosting plan. The content delivery network helps to cache the client’s website to be accessed from a location that is close to the user. Many web-hosting services providers don’t offer such services as part of web hosting plans, and those who claim to provide such services to their customers charge extra and hence are expensive. However, concerning FastComet, the web-hosting services are very much open source, they are friendly, and hence more and more entities prefer FastComet’s web hosting services.

Disadvantages of Using Fast Comet Web Hosting Services

The web-hosting services of Fast Comet are readily available, and they are excellent, as known from customer feedback. Besides, the customer support concerning FastComet is friendly. Though there are a lot of advantages when it comes to using FastComet’s web-hosting, there are some disadvantages. This section of the write-up addresses these disadvantages.
  1. Minor security problems
This web-hosting service (FastComet) offers high-quality web-hosting that includes a free domain, free site transfers, and Cloudflare CDNs that are free of charge. However, customers using this web-hosting service often complained of spam and other technical incidents. Therefore, the customers of this web-hosting service (FastComet) often experience minor security issues, which is a drawback of the service.
  1. Service level agreements.
FastComet does not furnish any valuable data on its uptime or the presence of any service level agreement. If you as a customer attach importance to uptime or service level agreements, then you need to consider another hosting service provider and not this one.
  1. The web-hosting service is expensive
FastComet web hosting services are not cheap but expensive; therefore, those who want to save their money are most likely to abstain from using such web-hosting services.
  1. The technical support policy is cumbersome
Though FastComet promises its users 24/7 customer support, the business reserves the right to impose fees for services offered. Sometimes, the business reserves the right to end technical support if the ticket needs too much time. The customer support also terminates support services requiring code analysis or in-depth bugging. The business also terminates the support services if the customer has submitted too many tickets.

Awesome Web Hosting for Everyone

Therefore, if you are about to buy FastComet hosting services, it is recommended that you go through the review and then decide on buying the services. There are many advantages of this (FastComet) hosting service, but there are also disadvantages that you cannot ignore. If price is not the factor for you, you can certainly proceed to invest in FastComet web hosting services.

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