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Elementor plugin- wordpress

If you have an online business and are thinking of creating a website to further it then make sure that you use the right website building tool. There are not many website-building tools that are robust, rich in features, and cost-effective. In this context, it is relevant to mention that WordPress is easy to use, feature-rich as well as cost-effective website building tool that allows website builders to design and develop attractive websites for personal or professional use. This is an honest attempt to highlight the reasons why you should prioritize Elementor Plugin while developing websites in WordPress. This write-up helps the audience to understand the Elementor Plugin. It also helps the readers to comprehend the pros and cons that are associated with this software before purchase. 

Reviews on Elementor (Plugin)

Elementor is a plugin, used in WordPress for developing websites. This plugin, upon installation in WordPress, makes the website-building tool feature-rich, robust, and ideal for designing and developing attractive websites. Following are a few reasons why Elementor (Plugin) is used in website designing and building:-

Create unique posts and pages

The Elementor (Plugin) when used with WordPress allows the website developers to create posts and pages that are unique. The website builders can use Elementor to tweak the standard posts and page templates that are available with WordPress themes.

Obtain 100% separate interfaces

The users of Elementor (Plugin) software can obtain 100% separate interfaces to work on pages and posts. This is very useful as most of the WordPress work does not happen with the block editor that is available with WordPress. 

Using the software does not require coding skills

While utilizing Elementor (Plugin) in WordPress the website developers don’t require coding skills in HTML/CSS or PHP/MYSQL. Website developers can build websites using a user-friendly interface.

Works at the front-end

The Elementor (Plugin) works at the front-end of a website and this exhibits the outcomes of website building activity right away. 

Used to create page/content layout

The Elementor (Plugin) can be utilized to create a page/content layout of the website builder’s choice irrespective of the WordPress theme that the website builder is using.

Can be used with all WordPress Themes

Another important aspect of Elementor (Plugin) is that it can be used with all WordPress themes. Hence with Elementor (Plugin) the website builder can keep the current design, and tweak it to get a customized design of his choice. 

Design and Create attractive page layouts

The Elementor (Plugin) software helps website builders to design and create attractive page layouts. This software is ideally suited for individuals who do not have any coding skills but who are interested in building websites for personal or professional reasons.  

Helps in creating websites within budget

Elementor with WordPress is preferred by individual website builders who want to create or build websites within budget and who want to do it DIY without hiring experts.


Advantages of using Elementor (Plugin) in WordPress

The Elementor (Plugin) can be easily installed in WordPress, it is easy to use. This section of the write-up focuses on the advantages of using the plugin software:-

Has Page Creating Functionality

The Elementor (Plugin) software has the main page creating functionality. This functionality allows the user to build, tweak as well as adjust web pages without any hassle. 

More than 90 Modules

The software has more than 90 content modules or content elements and this provides the website builder with several choices when it comes to choosing buttons, images, headings, counters, carousels, testimonials, and progress bars. 

Using the software is easy and convenient

To create attractive website pages using the Elementor (Plugin) the website builder requires dragging and dropping page components. This implies that using the Elementor (Plugin) software is easy and convenient.

Helps website builders to overview page designs

The Elementor interface allows the website builders to overview the page design and layout. This makes it easy for the website designers and developers to tweak the page designs, and customize them according to their needs and requirements. 

Website pages are SEO-friendly

The website pages that are built using the Elementor (Plugin) are SEO-friendly, they are very much mobile-friendly. 

There are an array of pre-built templates for web development

With the Elementor (Plugin) there are an array of pre-built templates that can be imported, and used for website development. There are more than 150 free templates and more than 300 pro templates, available with WordPress Elementor. 

There is a theme builder feature

The users of the Pro-versions of Elementor can utilize the software’s theme builder feature. This feature allows the WordPress user to change the WordPress theme’s important components like headers, footers, single post templates, and blog archives. 

There is a Woo Commerce module

Users of WordPress Elementor (Plugin) can also utilize the Woo Commerce module. This module is very much similar to the WordPress theme builder. It helps the website builder to work on the default Woo Commerce pages like the product archive, and product pages. 

Users can access display settings

The users of the Elementor (Plugin) can also access the display settings. By using the display settings the website builder can alter the margins, backgrounds, padding values, fonts, and colors of webpages. 

Users can easily revert websites to earlier versions 

Elementor (Plugin) also has a feature that allows the website developers to revert to an earlier version of the website page. This is important concerning website designing and building particularly when the website builder has messed up while building a website and is unsure about how to correct it. 

Users can have total control over how to design website pages

Yet another reason why many website builders prefer choosing Elementor (Plugin) is that the software provides the WordPress user total control on how to design website pages. The software makes sure that the website designs are desktop-friendly, tablet-friendly, and mobile-friendly.


The Elementor has two editions and they are the free and the PRO. The free edition is free while the PRO edition has a price tag associated with it. However, the majority of WordPress users prefer using the free edition of Elementor (Plugin). The main Plugin is available online using the WordPress repository and there are no hidden charges associated with it. 

The Pro-edition of Elementor plugin has some extra features and that makes it pricey. These features are listed as follows:-


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  • Has more than 50 extra content modules/elements
  • It has the theme builder
  • Has more than 300-page templates
  • Has a pop-up builder
  • Also, has a Woo-Commerce builder
  • There is a visual-form builder
  • The pro-version allows the users to create and use global widgets throughout the website
  • This version of the software allows the user to create custom CSS for any Elementor block.
  • The Elementor Pro also facilitates WordPress users and website builders in deploying Elementor elements in widgets and sidebars.

Pricing Details of Elementor Plugin


Elementor plugin- wordpress pricing

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Pros (Elementor)

  • The Elementor (Plugin) is free and most, newly created websites don’t require an upgrade to the PRO version.
  • The software has a range of features that make it easy to use.  
  • The software allows the users to design and build custom page layouts without requiring any coding skills in HTML/CSS/PHP/MYSQL. 
  • There are associated features like in-line text editing, and real-time previews and all of these make the software robust.
  • Using the software the website builders can easily adjust their tablet, desktop, and mobile views separately. 
  • The software allows the user to have detailed control of website building using WordPress. 

Cons (Elementor)

  • If you want to add custom styling to links then it can be difficult as you can get stuck with Elementor’s color settings or typography which may not be what you want in the software. 
  • If there is any misalignment in the page then it is very difficult for the WordPress/Elementor user to locate the exact value of the margin. This can be an obstacle when it comes to website building with WordPress/Elementor.

Final Verdict

Finally, it can be said that Elementor is a powerful drag and drop page builder plugin for WordPress and it is free of cost (Free edition). The most important thing while using Elementor is that it does not oblige the user to upgrade to the PRO version. Hence, despite many other alternatives like Divi, and Beaver, more and more people prefer to use Elementor with WordPress while building websites for personal or professional reasons.

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